How to Apply for TS New Ration Card in Telangana

Telangana New Ration Card Application online Submission for TS Food Security Card…
Ration card is the must identification card for every citizen of India. Telangana state government will be issuing the Ration card for its people respective of their poverty line. Civil supply card (Ration Card stands as a proof Indian citizen for various purposes). Those families who are having Ration card will be given government subsidy which helps in their daily life.

Families below the poverty line will be given rice, grains, sugar etc. Food and Civil supplies department will be issuing the Ration card to its state citizen who applies for the Ration card. There are different types of Ration card which will be issued from the civil supplies office to the state citizen. Below is the procedure for applying the ration card online. Before the procedure to get the Ration card is simple but now due to fake ration card and other issues, the procedure for issuing the ration card became lengthy.

How to Apply for TS New Ration Card – Telangana New Ration Card Application Submission Online

Telangana state citizen can follow the below procedure to get their Ration Card from food an civil supplies department.

  • Firstly go to to download the Telangana New Ration Card form 2015
  • Click on the type of Card you want
  • Now fill the application form, Head of House Hold Details.
  • Fill all the professional details like Occupational, Annual Income and Gas connection details.
  • Clearly mention the details of all members of family and address correctly
  • Now submit the application form with required documents
  • With this your Application for new Ration card will be uploaded

Type of Ration Card in Telangana:
Ration Card will be issued by government of Telangana to it stat citizen by considering their poverty line and annual income.
Pink ration Card (AAY): Pink Ration card will be issued to those families Below Poverty line. They get less grain from fair shop. These families will be getting the scholarship and other subsidy offers from government.

White Ration Card (BPL): white Ration card will be issued to those families who fall below the poverty line. These families will be getting the maximum amount of grain, rice and other facilities form Government at very lowest price.

White Ration Card (APL): This Ration card will b issued to those families above the poverty line. This family’s will get subsidy and other items sat low cost but not equal to White Ration card BPL.
Required documents:

  • Photograph of family
  • Adders proof , electricity bill
  • Documents of poverty or other vehicles which below to the family members

After Successfully Submitted your TS New Ration Application you can check the Telangana State New Ration Card application Status from the Meeseva website with using application reference ID Number.

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