Edit or Update Bihar Ration Card for Name change and etc

Government of Bihar has issued the Ration card to the state citizen based on their income level and they have given opportunity to change or update their details like change of name or add another person and the opportunity is given to edit their ration card for who have getting with mistakes or errors in their New ration Card issued by State Food & Civil Supply Corporation. Many more people will have facing problems with wrong name printings on their New Ration Card and some people will have facing problem with adding their family members in their old card.

Bihar Ration Card

We have providing the produce for how to edit or Update Bihar State Ration Card and the complete produce. Everyone who have need to changes in their Bihar Ration Card they can follow the following produce to make corrections and add other members in their card here are many subsidy programs and other government facilities which will be given to the families having Ration card. There are different types of Ration card which are given to Bihar state family depending on the poverty line.

How to Edit or Update Bihar Ration Card for Name Change and Add Members

Changing the Name in Ration card is very long procedure that takes many days. If it is compulsory to change the name in Ration card then follow the below given steps of procedure for the state of Bihar.

  • Firstly take the Application for Name Changing Ration card from nearest civil supplies office or download did form online
  • Firstly take the Application for Name Changing or add members and any from nearest civil supplies office or download did form online.
  • Then Make an affidavit from lawyer for change of Name or any witch is you have applied
  • Now post a paper cutting in Local and national newspaper mentioning the name
  • Keep the paper cutting safe with the Affidavit you prepaid
  • Appeal In court for Name change as the old name and new name defines the same person
  • Fill the Name change application form correctly without mistake
  • Now Attach the above taken documents with application and submit it
  • You need to submit the application to Directorate of Civil supplies office.

After successfully Submitted your application for changes or update you will get a Acknowledgement copy and you have check your application status with using the copy Within few days new ration card with changed name will be given to you from your nearest civil supplies office and you will get the new ration card witch is updated.

Instructions for Applicant
Make sure that you need to change the name in Ration card. If yit is mandatory then follow the above given procedure correctly. Once the name is changed in any documents will not be changed again. It takes same procedure to be down to bring you old name back. Keep all the documents with you safe which will be useful in future for any clarification.

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