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Privacy Policy for My Manabadi
Our Privacy Policy disclose that all the information shared, received, gathered from our site We aim to provide the best available content, news, help, resources on every topic we can for the good of readers. So, before everything any reader who joins or starts reading our blog must ensure that he follows our privacy policy. Another note is that the privacy policy shared below implies to our whole website and services provided.

Information we Gather and Collect
As a part of re engagement of users we collect different information from all our viewers when they sign up for our blog readership, fill any form, when any vaster visits our website, subscribe to our daily newsletter, services, features and all other resources that are provided by us.

Every user visits our visit anonymously mostly but sometimes he may be asked to fill a form which might include different criteria to fill such as Email, Name, Address, Name and Phone number. We never collect any information from our readers forcibly. Making sure our readers only give their information on their wish of submission. Many times we might ask users to engage throughout comment system for debate or feedback. It is not forcibly asked to any reader to give away his information. Viewers and Readers submit their details voluntarily when they like. They might refuse to enter the asked details which will limit their chances to engage in activities.

What do we use Information Collected from Users?
All the details submitted by each of our reader is used for betterment of our website only.

  • We make use of them to build our site more responsive to users for better user experience
  • To provide more core values to you and website together
  • Engage users while conducting different giveaways, polls, competitions debates and feedback

Information We Provide
All the information that is shared with all your beloved reader is solely for entertainment, help and recreational purpose. All content that is generated by our core team stands for proving the best possible results on educational basis. Any viewers who want to acknowledgment our service provided can bookmark our webpage for receiving content and updates daily.

Changes in Privacy policy
Ever reader our site must and should obey all the changes made in our privacy policy at anytime regardless of time, date or what so ever. We have the right to change any policy without notice to any of the users or reader. It is the responsibility of each user in order to check our policy page for more updates and changes to stay well-connected.