Telangana Ration Card Corrections and Updates

TS Food Security Card – Ration Card is given to each citizen of Telangana state by the state government. It is cheap way of getting basic home commodities and resources for livelihood. There are three types of Ration card give to people who live above poverty line, below poverty line and Rich. This card serves also as a ID card for applying for different form and application in any manner. Well every ration card need not be made correctly. Most of the times you might get some errors in your card which might be a error in Name, Address, Age, Member or other details. So, it is very necessary to confirm and rectify the mistake and error which can be updated through Ration card corrections. Any Telangana citizen who has got wrong slept Name, Address, Caste, Location, Mandal can now apply to change and update those mistakes.

Telangana Ration card corrections Information:
Before getting into how you may change your Ration card or update it with necessary corrections, you have to know what corrections are to be made. Here I have listed some of the corrections which are mostly seen and updated generally.

  • Address – Location, Home Address
  • Name – Wrong spelling of name of any member of family in card
  • Age- Wrong Age of Family member
  • Caste Change
  • Member Addition – Adding a new family member to ration card

Member addition can be used to add another family member to your present ration card in Telangana state. This can be used for adding newly born child or Bride.

Required Documents for Ration Card Corrections and Update:
Along with the corrections to be made you will also have to upload or attest some important documents mentioned below. All documents are required for respective corrections or update to be made in your ration card.

  • Address Change – Address Proof like PAN Card, House Land Papers
  • Name Change- Birth certificate
  • Date of Birth or Age Change – Birth Certificate
  • Caste Change- Caste Certificate
  • Member addition – Marriage certificate for adding bride and Birth certificate for adding New born child

Telangana Ration Card Change, Corrections and Updates Online
After viewing the required documents and correction to be made section, now you might know which update must be done in your present TS Ration card. Likely you will have to follow the online process for ration card correction will also include going to MeeSeva centre.

  • First you will have to download Ration Card correction application form from MeeSeva online website
  • Next download the form and fill it accordingly with the correction to be made
  • Then give the attested documents along with Application form to MeeSeva centre nearby
  • Now the Operator will apply for correction through Mee Seva centre and give him Service charge of RS.35/
  • Finally take the application slip number for checking status

You might also follow manually way of submitting Ration card correction which is not following now days.

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