CBSE 12th Date Sheet 2024, CBSE Sr Secondary Time Table 2024 for March

CBSE 12th Date Sheet 2024 announced for CBSE Board Senior Secondary March final examination Time Table 2024, CBSE 12th Routine 2024 at…
Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi has announced the annual final examination test for class 12th of the +1 and +2 standard march examination. Students who have to wish to continue their study in their class 12th of Sr Secondary Education can check the annual final public examination test for March 2024.

CBSE 12th Date Sheet 2024
CBSE 12th Date Sheet 2024

How to download CBSE 12th Time Table 2024

Here are certain steps which the candidates have to employ to download the :<br>Students should visit the official website of

  1. At first, candidates should visit the official website

    Firstly, Go to the CBSE official website. i.e.

  2. Find a web link to exam-related material. Select the same.

    Click on the exam-related material

  3. Look for a related link

    Look for the PDF link for CBSE 12th Time Table 2024.

  4. Pop on the screen

    The CBSE 12th Exam Dates will be displayed on the screen for all streams.

  5. Print out CBSE 12th Time Table 2024

    Also, save it to your computer or mobile device and print it off for future reference.

For any changes in the schedule please visit the CBSE Board official website to verify…

CBSE Class 12th Date Sheet 2024

DayDateTimeSubject NameSub-Code
Tuesday01 March 202410:30:00 AMEnglish Elective1
   English Elective-c101
   English Core301
Wednesday03 March 202410:30:00 AMBusiness Studies54
   Bahasa Melayu199
   Elect Appliances624
   B Therapy&Hair Des654
   Beauty & Hair745
   Basic Horticulture762
   Printed Textile778
   Op & Maint. Of Comm Dev789
Saturday05 March 202410:30:00 AMPhysics42
   Heritage Crafts70
   Sect Prac & Account605
   Cash Mgmt & H-keep619
   Electrical Machine623
   Ac & Refrgtn-iii632
   Vegetable Culture642
   Cosmetic Chemistry655
   Clinical Biochemistry661
   Fund Of Nursing Ii663
   Textile Science684
   I T System699
   Child Health Nursing731
   Garment Construction776
   Traditional Ind.Txt777
   Electrical Machine787
Tuesday08 March 202410:30:00 AMHistory27
   Lending Operations620
   Lab Medicines660
   Retail Services744
   Logistics, Op &Scm750
   Business Operation766
Wednesday09 March 202410:30:00 AMChemistry43
   Applied Physics625
   Fabrication Tech-iii631
   Comm.Health Nur Ii664
   Radiation Physics666
   Design & Pat Making685
   Business Data Proc700
   Beverage Services737
   Holistic Health746
   Cost Accounting781
Thursday10 March 202410:30:00 AMUrdu Elective3
Friday11 March 202410:30:00 AMHindi Elective2
   Hindi Core302
Saturday12 March 202410:30:00 AMEngg. Graphics46
   Human Rights & Gs.75
   Mech. Engineering626
   Textile Chem Proc.779
   Web Application796
Monday14 March 202410:30:00 AMMathematics41
   Know Trad & Prac.73
   Mgmt Of Bank Office621
   Post Harv Tech&Prs644
   Yoga Anatomy &Phys656
   Ophthalmic Tech.659
   Microbiology (Mlt)662
   First Aid & Med. Care730
   Health Care Mgmt733
   Clinical Bio &M.Ii742
Wednesday16 March 202410:30:00 AMMultimedia & Web T67
   Typography &Ca Eng607
   Typography &Ca Hin609
   Autoshop Rep& Prac628
   Food Production Iii734
   Cctv & Comm In M M739
   Int To Hosp. Mgmt756
   Fabric Study774
Thursday17 March 202410:30:00 AMAccountancy55
Friday18 March 202410:30:00 AMPolitical Science28
   Laboratory Med.Ii741
   Retail Operations743
   Financial Accounting780
Saturday19 March 202410:30:00 AMFashion Studies53
   Library & Inf Sci.79
   Shorthand English608
   Shorthand Hindi610
   Engineering Sci.622
   Clothing Const686
   Dtp Cad & Multimedia701
   Database Mgmt Appl795
Monday21 March 202410:30:00 AMBiology44
   Ac & Refrgtn-iv633
   Derivative Mkt Op.794
Tuesday22 March 202410:30:00 AMDance Kathak56
   Dance Bharatnatyam57
   Dance Odissi59
   Dance Manipuri60
   Dance Mohiniyattam62
   Cr Writing Tr Study69
   Mass Media Studies72
   Off. Communication606
   Info Storage & Ret748
   Int. Transport Oper749
   Front Office Oper.753
   Travel & Tour Oper.757
   Tsm Of Ele.Equip790
   Capital Market Op.793
Saturday26 March 202410:30:00 AMInformatics Prac.65
   Computer Science83
   Adv Front Off. Op.754
   Basic Pattern Dev.775
Monday28 March 202410:30:00 AMPhysical Education48
Tuesday29 March 202410:30:00 AMPainting49
   App/Commercial Art52
   Electrical Appl.788
Thursday31 March 202410:30:00 AMEconomics30
FridayApr 1, 202410:30:00 AMLegal Studies74
SaturdayApr 2, 202410:30:00 AMPsychology37
MondayApr 4, 202410:30:00 AMSociology39
   Graphic Design71
WednesdayApr 6, 202410:30:00 AMMusic Car.Vocal31
   Music Car.Ins.Mel.32
   “Music Car.Ins.Per.”33
   “Music Hind.Vocal”34
   “Music >Hind.Ins.Mel”35
   Music Hind.Ins.Per36
   Mat&Child H.Nur Ii665
ThursdayApr 7, 202410:30:00 AMGeography29
   Lib Sys And Res Mg747
MondayApr 11, 202410:30:00 AMSanskrit Elective22
   Sanskrit Core322
   Auto Engineering627
   Evol & Forms M M738
TuesdayApr 12, 202410:30:00 AMHome Science64
SaturdayApr 16, 202410:30:00 AMPhilosophy40
   Office Proc.& Prac.604
   B Concept-h &Med T729
   Food Services736
   Geospatial Tech740
MondayApr 18, 202410:30:00 AMTheatre Studies78
TuesdayApr 19, 202410:30:00 AMFood Production Iv735
FridayApr 22, 202410:30:00 AMNational Cadet Corps76
  1. Is CBSE 12th board dates are going to change?

    No, as per CBSE’s recent notification board exams will not be rescheduled under any circumstances.

  2. What are the pass criteria in CBSE 12th boards?

    A candidate has to obtain at least 33% marks (separately in theory & practical) in five subjects as per Scheme of Studies to be declared Pass.

  3. What is the official website to download CBSE 12th board dates?

    The official website can be seen in the above steps.

  4. What are the steps involved to download CBSE 12th board dates?

    Follow the above steps to download CBSE 12th board dates.

  5. When will the CBSE Sr Secondary Time Table 2024 released?

    CBSE’s recent notification board exams will not be rescheduled under any circumstances.