PAN Card Application Status track at NSDL

PAN Card Application Status track from NSDL PAN/TAN Application Status…
PAN Card applicants can now be applied online as well which is being used by everyone now. The PAN Application track has made it easy for everyone to apply and later checking its status is even simpler.

You can use NSDL official status check website to check your PAN Card application status online in no time. You can also use the SMS service for checking your status. Any applicant who has recently filled or applied for his PAN card must follow these instructions to check or track his Application status.

PAN Card Application Status track at NSDL 2024
PAN Card Application Status track at NSDL 2024
  • Applied applicant must wait at least three days to check his status
  • Must have all following required documents and details to check the status

How to Check PAN Card Application Status track – Online PAN Card Status Check

Applying for Pan Card is an easy task and you might have applied for your respective Pan Card this time. Now you have o check its status to know whether it has been approved or Rejected in case. Most of the cases application forms applied is accepted but sometimes due to many mistakes and errors, it gets rejected. Let me show you how to track your Pan Card application status online.

  1. Firstly applied applicant must go to the NSDL application status check page

    Applicants must first check their application status on the NSDL website.

  2. Select either PAN or TAN application

    Now you have to select the Type of application firstly (Select either PAN or TAN application)

  3. Enter your Acknowledgement number

    Then you have to enter your Acknowledgement number which is your application form number

  4. Enter the required details

    After that enter your Surname, First name, middle name in the Name category (You have to enter the same name filled in the application form)

  5. Click on Submit button

    Next, you have to set your date of birth and click on Submit button

  6. PAN card will be displayed

    Finally, your application status for applied PAN card will be displayed

  7. <strong>Three status shows as</strong>

    Mostly, Three status shows as Approved, Rejected, or in Progress

Note: This process can be used to check the status of both PAN and TAN application forms applied

PAN Card Status Check through SMS
Here is an easy way to check your status for PAN Card using SMS service. You can use this SMS message to end and get your status easily.
Send SMS to NSDLPAN <space> Acknowledgement No. & send to 57575
Follow the above step and you can get status easily through SMS in no time

To track your PAN card you will require:
So before tracking your PAN card application status and get enquire about it. You must have the following documents and numbers to check it.

  • Acknowledgment number
  • Applicant name with Surname – Name of the candidate who has applied for PAN Card
  • Date of birth of the applicant

Resentfully Income Tax Department of India is announced we have sent PAN Card within 48 hours of Application Registration time to the applicant the service will be starting shortly

  1. How can I track my application number through PAN card?

    Visit the official website of NSDL at

  2. Can I get PAN card in 2 days?

    Following the submission of the PAN Card application form, the PAN card is usually issued within 15-20 working days. Applicants can now receive their PAN card in as little as two days. Select the relevant form from the options available on the NSDL website.

  3. How can I get immediate PAN card?

    Visit and click on ‘Instant PAN with Aadhaar’ under the ‘Quick Links’ section to be redirected to the instant PAN allotment page. Now click on ‘Get New PAN,’ which will take you to a page where you may request a new PAN right away.

  4. What documents are required for PAN card?

    Documents Required for HUFs and Individuals to Apply for a PAN Card (Being Citizens of India)A voter’s identification card.A passport is a document that allows you to travel.Aadhar card is a government-issued identification card.The applicant’s photo is on the ration card.Obtain your driver’s license.Photo ID cards are issued by the federal government, state governments, and public sector organizations.​

  5. Can a student apply for PAN card?

    Students can apply for a PAN card. Minors and adults have equal access to a PAN card. Parents choose to apply for a PAN Card for their children because it serves as identity verification and school identification card.​